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Para Aesthetics RAW

 In the not so distant future, Photonic devices will warp with a thought and the human form will wisp into plasma turbulence of phasing photons.  What makes up this reality is the Sonoluminescence . Any thought or Reason at all is a lie. Only the Gestalt will be the Answer and the answer speaks from the Soul. The Soul of Sound. The Phonon. The Photonic Device defies time. Time is the illusion. The body is just what the simulator projects in this primal phase until we can figure out how to use our technology correctly before we waste it all.


Fountain  -Album-

Video Convex Crystal :

The Modern Form from the Album Cover brings out the essence of Fountain. Fountain meant to spring forth a ever settled principle and its hard edges morph with its deep 303 analogue in a post industrial now futurist Utopia with visual Aesthetics. The video is spectating this fountain of concrete in color this time.

An Obscure Post techno Atmosphere with vocals hovering above – this April Album is a more vintage analogue TB303 warmth sthat has me wanting to share with everyone The track Convex Crystal in particular is one of my favs at heart and here is a link to the Audio Visual dsa